Reach your Goals with Expert Accountants

CS Outsource helps small business owners like you save time and money doing your tax planning & filing, tracking financials, and providing dedicated industry experts — so you can focus on growing your business.

We’re professional accountants and bookkeepers with 10 years of experience serving business owners, real estate investors, and property managers.

We have the experience to clean up your bookkeeping, deliver you month-end reporting, and financial advice to maximize every dollar.

We Partner With The Worlds Best

Our expert accountants and business advisors provide a personal service to help drive the success of your business.

Experts in Real Estate and Home Service based businesses

We are a specialized accountancy firm providing tailored accounting and advisory services to the home services and short-term rental sectors across the US. Our team of certified accountants and advisors offers expert support in tax planning, compliance, business advisory, and more.

Dedicated Accountant

Every business in the home services and short-term rental markets faces unique challenges and opportunities. That's why we assign a dedicated accountant to each of our clients. Your dedicated professional will understand the nuances of your business and work closely with you to manage your financials effectively.

Filing, compliance, & Tax Strategy

Navigating the complex world of real estate and corporate taxes and compliance can be daunting. We specialize in robust tax strategies and compliance solutions that ensure your business not only meets all legal requirements but also maximizes its financial potential.

Maximize Your Tax Savings.

How we help our clients

our services

Who We Serve

Solopreneurs & Freelancers

Tailored accounting expertise for independent professionals' unique financial needs

Vacation Rental Industry & Property Managers

Optimized tax and financial solutions for property management success.

Service & Trades Workers

Comprehensive financial services designed for the diverse trades sector.

Our Process

Our four step methodology takes your Company to the next level.



We begin with a discovery call to understand your challenges and goals. Next, we assess your financial records to gauge your business complexity. After our evaluation, you'll receive a custom quote and proposal.


Quote & Onboarding

Once we're aligned, the onboarding phase commences. We'll provide you with a checklist outlining the essentials to streamline your systems and processes. This includes guidance on receipt uploads, bank account configurations, and other crucial setups to ensure seamless integration with CS Outsource.


Setup & Cleanup Your Accounting System

After the initial onboarding, we take the lead in setting up QuickBooks tailored to your needs. Should there be any discrepancies or backlogs, our team will also undertake the necessary cleanup and catch-up services, ensuring your accounts are accurate and up-to-date.


Full-Service Accounting & Bookkeeping

With your software set up correctly now, we will provide the daily, weekly, and month-end bookkeeping and financial reporting in your software as required.


We provide comprehensive accounting solutions for real estate investors, including cost segregation studies, 1031 exchange handling, tax return preparation for rental properties, and investor compliance services. Our goal is to optimize your investments and ensure tax efficiency.

A dedicated accountant acts as your financial advisor, understanding the intricacies of your specific industry and providing tailored advice to optimize your financial performance. This personalized approach ensures consistency and strategic insight into your financial decisions.


Our services include meticulous tax planning and filing, ensuring compliance with all federal and state regulations, and strategic tax advice tailored to your business model. We focus on minimizing your tax liabilities while maximizing potential tax savings and ensuring compliance across all levels.


We start with a detailed assessment of your business operations, financial goals, and challenges. From there, we customize our services to align with your specific needs, ensuring that our accounting solutions are both effective and efficient for your unique situation.


Yes, our services scale to meet the needs of both small businesses and larger enterprises. We offer a range of services from basic bookkeeping to full-service accounting and financial management, ensuring that businesses of any size can benefit from professional financial oversight.


Our onboarding process begins with an initial consultation to understand your business and financial needs. We then tailor a service package that fits your requirements and set up the necessary systems and processes. Regular meetings and updates ensure that our services remain aligned with your business goals.


We understand the unique financial challenges faced by service and trades workers, such as job costing, inventory management, and fluctuating cash flows. Our services are designed to address these challenges directly, providing robust bookkeeping, tax planning, and financial advice tailored to the needs of tradespeople.

For solopreneurs and freelancers, we offer streamlined accounting services that include simplified bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial planning. We help you focus on your business by taking the burden of financial management off your shoulders, ensuring compliance and maximizing your tax savings.


We leverage modern, cloud-based accounting systems to provide our services, which enhances the accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility of your financial data. These tools allow us to offer real-time financial insights and seamless integration with other business operations.


Our billing structure is designed to be flexible and transparent. We offer a range of pricing models including flat fees, monthly subscriptions, and customized pricing based on the complexity of services provided. This ensures that you only pay for what you need, with no hidden costs.