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How Conmigo streamlined its guest communications and property operations with CS Outsource to increase fulfillment capacity.


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Conmigo Vacation Rental Managment

Conmigo is a one stop shop for vacation rentals. Whether you are starting with only the idea to buy, or you are selling, or you currently own a house you want to turn into a vacation rental, we can help on every phase.

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Client Overview

Conmigo started in 2016 in Utah by Aaron and Rachel Kirkham.

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1. The Problem

Aaron Kirkham, CEO of Stay Conmigo, approached CS Outsource with a series of operational challenges that were hindering the growth of his short-term rental business. Stay Conmigo, despite having a portfolio of desirable properties, struggled with inefficiencies in marketing, listing optimization, and guest communication. The lack of standardized processes and the inability to effectively manage property listings across various platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, and Hospitable Direct Booking led to underperformance in bookings and revenue. Additionally, Kirkham faced difficulties with previous virtual assistants (VAs), experiencing issues with reliability and consistency, which impacted the quality of guest services and operational workflow. These challenges not only stalled the expansion efforts of Stay Conmigo but also placed a significant strain on Kirkham’s personal life, affecting his ability to spend quality time with his family.

2. The Outcome

The partnership with CS Outsource marked a turning point for Stay Conmigo. Through the implementation of dedicated teams, including a supervisor, trainer, and quality assurance team, CS Outsource not only streamlined the operational processes but also significantly improved the consistency and quality of guest communications and property listings. The structured approach to process creation, listing optimization, and expansion into new listing platforms led to a noticeable increase in bookings and revenue. The reliability and professionalism of the CS Outsource team provided Kirkham with peace of mind, enabling him to focus on strategic growth areas such as acquiring and rehabilitating boutique hotels. The impact of the collaboration extended beyond the professional realm, as Kirkham attested to the positive changes in his personal life, stating that the support from CS Outsource “saved his marriage” and allowed him to enjoy vacations with his family.

3. The Solution

CS Outsource tackled Stay Conmigo’s challenges by providing a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of the short-term rental market. Key strategies included:

  • Process Creation: By watching instructional videos and documenting processes, CS Outsource developed a robust Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual, ensuring that every task, from listing creation to guest communication, followed a standardized approach.

  • Listing Optimization: The team conducted daily audits of property listings, optimizing them for platform-specific algorithms and ensuring uniformity and compliance with listing templates. This process involved enhancing the presentation of listings, updating images with relevant captions, and making necessary amendments to reflect organizational changes.

  • Expansion of Listings: CS Outsource ventured into new platforms, broadening Stay Conmigo’s reach and increasing booking opportunities. This expansion was carefully managed to maintain brand consistency across all listings.

  • Guest Communication & Offers: The team engaged with guests through personalized communication and special offers, encouraging extended stays and improving the overall guest experience.

  • Infographic Coordination and Property Tag Audits: By collaborating with designers and utilizing tools like Canva, the team introduced informative infographics to listings. Monthly audits of property tags ensured consistent branding and presentation.

The solution provided by CS Outsource not only addressed the immediate operational challenges faced by Stay Conmigo but also laid the foundation for sustainable growth and operational excellence. Through a combination of strategic process implementation, skilled team management, and a focus on quality and consistency, Stay Conmigo was able to enhance its market position, achieve higher guest satisfaction, and unlock new opportunities for expansion.