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Your workload requires a full-time dedicated agent, offering immediate response times and constant support.

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You don’t have enough work for a full time dedicated agent, and are ok with 2-4 hour response times.

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You need to respond to every customer before the end of the day and clear the inbox daily. Fewer than 10 messages per day.

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Employing Only the Top 1% of Support Agents

CS Outsource provides an efficient solution for you to offer your customers remarkable customer support without the need for full-time commitment. By exclusively hiring the top 1% of support agents, we promise consistent, high-quality results.

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“CS Outsource provided a very professional service when we expanded our operations last month. They were easy to work with and boosted our efficiency.”

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“The CS Outsource team especially Matt are the most professional company I have worked with. They jump started my business in very little time. Matt and his team are very thorough, and care about their clients. The agents are very well trained. Use this company!!!”

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“Best experience ever! I desperately needed a virtual assistant to help with our back office admin tasks, and CS Outsource was so helpful in making it a seamless process!”

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There are several distinct advantages to choosing our service:

  1. Oversight & Accountability: Every agent on our team is paired with a trainer and manager to guarantee that tasks are executed efficiently and punctually. We’ve structured our services to ensure the utmost reliability.

  2. Physical Office Environment: Unlike many virtual assistant services that operate entirely remotely, our agents work from a centralized office. This structure not only minimizes potential downtime but also offers a level of oversight that protects against issues like overreported hours and divided loyalties – challenges I’ve personally encountered with fully remote setups.

  3. Enhanced Security & Jurisdictional Benefits: Our physical office setting also means that we can uphold rigorous security standards. Furthermore, operating from a recognized location gives us the ability to navigate legal jurisdictional matters, an aspect especially vital for more prominent organizations.

  4. Industry Experience: We boast a track record of working across various industries. This breadth of experience ensures that you benefit from our wide-ranging capabilities. In essence, our team doesn’t just offer support; we bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the table, ensuring reliable outcomes every time.

  5. Comprehensive Capabilities: Our diverse experience means you can accomplish more with us. Instead of juggling multiple freelancers from different platforms, streamline your operations with our one-stop solution, saving time and ensuring consistent quality.

  6. Proactive Documentation & Backup Support: Recognizing the importance of continuity in operations, we proactively create documentation for your business processes. This means if an agent falls sick or departs, there’s minimal to no downtime. Another agent, equipped with the necessary documentation, can seamlessly take over, ensuring uninterrupted service.

In comparison to platforms like Fiverr, where the onus often falls on you to vet, manage, and oversee individual freelancers, our service offers a comprehensive solution with built-in quality control, security, and industry expertise.

To ensure that our services are efficiently leveraged and you gain the utmost value, here are some requirements and preferences:

  1. Online System Access: It’s essential that our agents can access necessary accounts online. If your processes are currently maintained in offline tools like Excel spreadsheets, consider transitioning to online platforms.

  2. Documentation Creation: While you might not have documentation at the outset, you should be prepared to create it. We particularly value video screen recordings as they provide a clear, step-by-step visual of the tasks. This doesn’t have to be an extensive process; just showcase the core functions and flows.

  3. Support from Our Team: Our Quality Assurance team and trainers are here to assist you. We will take your initial documentation, refine it, and convert it into a comprehensive guide for our agents. During this process, expect some follow-up questions from us; this is to ensure that we capture every detail and nuance of your operations.

  4. Communication Platforms: Our team thrives in structured communication environments like Slack or Microsoft Teams. These platforms allow for streamlined task tracking, real-time communication, and efficient management. We don’t operate via email or SMS as they often lead to inefficiencies and make it challenging to monitor and manage tasks effectively.

In essence, while having well-organized processes is a plus, what’s more, important is your willingness to collaborate, transition to efficient platforms, and create documentation. With our team by your side, we’ll work together to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Absolutely. Our pricing model is tailored to ensure that you get the best value, which means it varies based on the unique requirements of each client. Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial Consultation: Before we can determine pricing, we initiate a discussion to understand the responsibilities you wish our agents to take on. The complexity and nature of the tasks will influence the required skill set for the agent and, by extension, the pricing.

  2. Skillset Consideration: Different tasks demand different expertise levels. For example, basic data entry might require a different skill set (and thus a different pricing tier) than managing high-level customer interactions or specialized technical tasks.

  3. Quotation: Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your needs, we’ll provide you with a tailored quote. This ensures you only pay for the expertise and time you truly need, rather than a one-size-fits-all price that might not match your exact requirements.

In essence, our variable pricing model is designed to provide transparency and flexibility, ensuring you get the best possible value tailored to your business’s specific needs.

CS Outsource is a month-to-month service. This means there aren’t any long-term contracts. You pay each week. If you ever cancel, we bill for and through the end of the current monthly billing cycle, and then you’re done.

No way. With no annual contract, when you cancel, you just finish out your current month, which has already been prepaid by you. Give us a heads-up one week in advance, and we won’t charge you past your current billing period.

Each agent’s abilities are tailored to your scope of work. We will jump on a call to discuss your requirements and issue a quote that makes sense for the project.

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