World-Class Outsourcing & Virtual Assistance

Welcome to CS Outsource, where we’re not just changing the game – we’re redefining it. Our world-class virtual assistants are more than just support staff; they’re strategic assets equipped to take on the mantle of general management. We’ve moved beyond the traditional model of basic task execution, venturing into a realm where precision, innovation, and proactive leadership are at the heart of our services.

Each virtual assistant is handpicked for their ability to transcend the ordinary. They’re trained not just to follow procedures, but to think ahead, to manage operations, and to drive your business forward. It’s not about doing the bare minimum; it’s about exceeding expectations, about taking on more, about becoming an integral part of your team.

A Letter From Our Founder

Redefining the Role of Virtual Assistants

To All Team Members of CS Outsource,

Gone are the days when the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ was synonymous with basic tasks, a definition long held in outsourcing hubs like the Philippines, India, and others. That model, quite frankly, has failed. It’s boring, underutilizes talent, and frankly, mocks the capabilities of individuals in these countries. We’ve termed these as ‘happy robots’, a concept we are decisively removing from our organization. For those still in need of such services, there are plenty of options overseas, but not here at CS Outsource.

Here, a Virtual Assistant is no less than a General Manager. When you hire from CS Outsource, you’re not just offloading tasks; you’re entrusting your peace of mind, knowing that everything will continue to run seamlessly. A General Manager ensures operations persist, people are motivated, and the systems and processes you’ve established are meticulously followed.

This is the new standard I am bringing to CS Outsource. Patience for mediocrity is non-existent here. We don’t entertain those who show up tardy, or are solely motivated by a paycheck. Yes, adherence to procedures is crucial initially, but what we seek – and what has proven successful – is the evolution of an agent into a General Manager, shouldering responsibilities far beyond their initial role. This transformation is born from a mindset aligned with our ethos. This is our hiring standard.

Joining us means embracing this ethos. We don’t babysit; we expect you to be a self-starter, a go-getter. That’s the key to long-term success, and it’s what we demand from everyone in this company.

High standards elevate the entire business. They open doors for everyone involved. Conversely, low standards pigeonhole us in the clients’ eyes, limiting our opportunities. But maintain high standards, and watch the doors of great opportunity swing wide open.

If you see anyone just sticking to the basics, challenge them. In every client interaction, ask how we can take on more, how we can further integrate into their operations. Any complacency or adherence to just ‘basic stuff’ must be reported to me immediately.

Together, we’re not just changing the definition of a Virtual Assistant; we’re setting a new benchmark for excellence in our industry.


Matthew Metros
Founder, CS Outsource

Clarifying our culture

Our Values

We are working to build the best possible version of CS Outsource 20 years from now. These Mindsets are tools we are using to build it, together.

We act with urgency

Prioritizing prompt action, we ensure swift decision-making in all tasks for immediate progress.

We pursue options in parallel

Simultaneously exploring multiple solutions, we seek the best outcomes in an efficient, parallel approach.

We obsess over learning

Dedicated to continuous improvement, we relentlessly seek knowledge, skills, and personal growth every day.

We pivot fearlessly

Embracing change boldly, we adapt quickly and efficiently, transforming challenges into opportunities fearlessly.

We behave like owners

Taking full responsibility, we work with dedication and pride, treating the company's success as our own.